–  YACHTS  –

In principle yachts are obtained from the organization.

This year we have selected and optionized more than 30 yachts. Among those are many Hanse Yachts of which 6 are available whole year round in the western med.

Our main goal is to realize a fleet that gets as close as one design racing as possible. A fleet that competes closely in practice to make racing thrilling.  A carefull selection of yachts & early support from crews to book and reserve boats early in the season.

We expect to reach maximum capacity of 25 boats booked before 1 january. This helps us to provide young and fresh yachts.

The fleet for next edition is formed by a unique portfolio of high class, young and modern yachts:
8 Hanse yachts minimal, many of which ar equal (6 are from our selves)
6 Dufour 460 GL,
10 yachts from 44-46 feet and
10 yachts from 50-55 feet

The yacht list is available In our webshop (http://www.ibizaregattashop.com/participate). Booking online is also possible to obtain the best yacht preferred.

So have a look and feel free to contact us to discuss your wishes in order to reserve your favorite yacht for your team. mailto: sail@ibizaregatta.com phone office: ‭+31 87 784 32 82‬

mobile: +31 65 109 77 56 (Nils Bollweg).