The Ibiza Regatta is now 13 editions old. It is a trending regatta with a phenomenal track record and has proven to be a highly successful formula. From the fourth edition (2015) of the Ibiza Regatta held in the last week of September is  sold out and has proven the demand for a different kind of  regatta. A life style regatta.

The Ibiza Regatta known for its unique combination of tropical sportive yacht racing, sailing and international trending buzzing venues sailors not often get to experience.

Yacht racing is made accessible and so is the unique Ibiza vibe.

All wishes are taken care of so participants can enjoy every moment of  the race.
Great weather, tropical island,
Transport & delivery of the yachts,
harbor fees and moorings,

tender services,
breakfasts & snacksand
happy hours & diners.

Its communication platform with track and trace facilities is outstanding

Many friendships & partnerships occur as a successful network does.

The community is active whole year round. Off line and online. The regatta is only one week but stretches out into the lives of participants for life often.

The success of the Ibiza Regatta attracts many.

The audience is a mixture of regualar yacht racers celebrating the end of the season, often big cruising yacht owners that enjoy sailing with friends, and people who are hooked on the vibe of the island in combination with life at sea. This we make possible.

Coming years the focus will be on enriching the event by quality and uniqueness. That is the way we are headed to. Partnerships are key this year.

Ibiza Regatta, heavenly addictive.

The Ibiza Regatta team

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