– FAQ –

1. How do I sign up, participate with my team and are mixed teams possible?

You can sign up by sending an email to nils@ibizaregatta.com or contact Nils +31 6 5109 7756
Mixed, women or men teams are all welcome! You can even hire with skipper in case you cannot sail very well.

2. What yachts can participate?

The Ibiza Regatta is a race for yachts between 40 and 60 feet. Owner yachts can participate (with an own start) and bare boats. Bare boats can only be chartered via the Ibiza Regatta organization that have the best contacts with local charter companies. Contact Nils for more information.

3. Do I have to be a experienced sailor?

The easy waters around Ibiza are not to heavy and also suitable for less experienced sailors. In addition, yachts can be rented with skipper (m/f), so your team does not necessarily have to exist of (top) sailors

4. Can I join with my own yacht?

Yes, though it is a bare boat race we are have a separate class and start for this . But please do contact us and we can see what we can do for your team.

5. How many days is the boat rental and the event lasts at least?

The boats are rented for a week from Ibiza and mostly  Saturday / Saturday. The racing days are from Tuesday to Thursday with a great opening night on Monday. It is possible that you are less present (or part of the team). That would be a shame, because the whole Ibiza Regatta program on and around the island is fantastic!

6. What prices per person can I expect ?

For around  1.500 Euro per person, it should be possible to take on a beautiful yacht, but is mainly dependent on how large your team and yacht is. This price includes the rental of the yacht for a week, participation in the Regatta and the entire full board social program such as professional racing committee (former America’s Cup), official regatta under Spanish authority, demurrage, registration fee, port charges, welcome cocktails, happy hours & freshly made breakfast brought aboard at your yacht during the racing days, an exclusive dinners at a top locations, (live) music program, tender services, price giving’s and overall regatta organization, etc. (excl flight and transfers).

7. Can I have my yacht sponsored?

The yacht that you (business) chartered may have sponsors. You can write to companies to sponsor your team / yacht. This provides tax benefits and reduces costs for your team.

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