Ibiza and Formentera surroundings

Ibiza island is the summertime hedonistic scene for Europe’s younger set. Formentera is deliciously quiet. Both have a wonderful range of brilliant white beaches (8/10), probably the best in the west Mediterranean. Most make good anchorages, if rather open, so check the swell direction first. The east and south coasts of Ibiza also have many tiny, well sheltered, narrow calas (coves) to anchor in, most with quiet beaches at their head.

Ibiza Town has a lovely walled citadel of narrow alleys, the D’alt Villa (7/10), a world heritage site. The expensive marina has little space in high season unless you arrive early. The town competes with San Antoni to be hedonistic capital of Europe.

San Antoni, north side of Ibiza Island, has a very good (but noisy) anchorage, and like Ibiza town, is an amazing testament to holiday excesses ashore, where the towns compete to offer the more outrageous scene. Both are fascinating to watch awhile, and obviously great (but expensive) fun for the participants. The brand new clubhouse of Marina Es Nautic forms a good base for hosting the start of the Ibiza Regatta Gold Cup.

Furthermore Cala Llonga on the east coast is worth a visit. Porroig (Port Roig) on the south coast is another highlight and Puerto El Espalmador (9/10) is a large and well sheltered sandy anchorage between Ibiza and Formentera. The turquoise sea has a Caribbean feel . . . quite dream like. Busy in the day, often quiet at night. There is a Posidonia reserve here, so use the moorings, or find a sand spot clear of the reserve.

A special thanks goes to our media and knowledge partner Xplore Ibiza. They inspire the dutch ambassadors of the island.

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