Name: Nils Bollweg (Holland – Ibiza)
Responsibillity: bareboat/yacht bookings, sales, racing committee, program manager and sponsors.
Email: nils@ibizaregatta.com
Phone: +31 6 51 09 7756

Name: Mark Kurver (Ibiza)
Responsibillity: social program, finance, logistics Ibiza
Email: mark@ibizaregatta.com
Phone: +34 625 500 783‬

Name: Anna Wanders (Holland)
Responsibillity:  hospitality and logistics
Email: anna@ibizaregatta.com

Name: Enrique Mas (Ibiza) –  Technical Director CNSA/Es Nautic
Responsibillity:  harbours & marina manager, racing committee
Email: d.tecnico@esnautic.com

Name: Enrique Moner (Valencia) – Marina Real Juan Carlos/RC America’s Cup ’07
Responsibillity: race leader, water – & race management, racing committee
Email: moner@ibizaregatta.com

Name: Kees Krikke (Holland)
Responsibillity: strategy.
Email: kees@ibizaregatta.com

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