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A great event evolves to a unique point of presence in the global nautical area. Its physical location together with exclusive events held result in the highest esteemed Yacht club in the World.

Esteem is the only valid reason to exist when all parties of planet Earth are represented and welcome.

And where else than Ibiza. The Island has been the centre point of naval trade and transport for centuries under many reighning parties. And nowadays it is the international renown heart of modernism and sustainablillity.

The following parties support and embrace the Ibiza Regatta. They make it possible to start the World Yacht Club Ibiza.

The initiated launch of the physical club is may 2025. It will become the heart of yachting worldwide on its own unique way.

Contact us when you like to apply for membership of the WYCI and keep up to date of our activities.

And yes, through Yacht Club Ibiza all watersport activities are within reach for all members as well.

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