TNG Swiss watches official timekeeper of Ibiza Regatta


Ibiza Regatta 2017

From September 25 to 28
Bareboat yachts,
racing from bay to bay
and sailing through.......


...turquoise waters

Moor at surprising bays and locations,
forming the most idyllic regatta conditions
of the Mediterranean.
(or as we tend to say "of the world")


Vibrant Ibiza

Visit unforgettable (beach) clubs,
based on a Full Board social program,
accompanied with beats of the best music
in world's most dynamic location:


Suprising locations

Moor at the best spots

Participation will be limited, so tell only your best friends.

The Ibiza Regatta is a special regatta where around 25 bareboat yachts race from bay to bay, moor at the most vibrant locations and enjoy a highly engaging full board program. Everything is based on the successful ingredients of the Ibiza Regatta formula; an enthusiastic team professionally organizes exciting races, a surprising and unforgettable full board program at special locations and create a very accessible atmosphere with a very good mood and group dynamics.

Had a great time. Thanks!”, “Unmatched”, “Experience of a lifetime”, “Bucket list material

Quotes of several participants

We don’t want it to become too massive, so we keep the number of participants and yachts limited.

Nils, Organizing Committee

The Ibiza Regatta beats all. This event is trending with a good track record and has proven to be a highly successful formula

Rob, Organizing Committee